Writing Topic and Concluding Sentences

hey guys today the focus of our do now is writing a topic sentence let’s take a look at some examples of how to do this so really what you’re looking at is your topic plus your main point and you can see down here that I have the topics and white and the main points in black so let’s take a look at the first one right here Holocaust denial that is the topic of my paper and my main point is talking about where people deny Holocaust so I’ve got my topic plus my main point equals Holocaust denial is everywhere my second one down is about Pearl Harbor and I’m writing in this main point about how we remember it so my topic sentence topic plus main point Pearl Harbor will be remembered forever and finally down here the third example the topic is the Navajo code talkers and in this point I’m talking about the role that they played in the war what they did so I mentioned my topic again the Navajo code talkers and then something about my main points played an important role in world war two so this is a very straightforward simple sentence that just clearly introduces your reader to your topic and your main point so how not to write a topic sentence there are definitely some things you should never do never talk about your own writing for example if you take a look at the bullets over here we’ve got some examples of how not to do this kids love to start out with this paragraph is about bombers don’t talk about your own writing I’m going to tell you about Auschwitz here are three reasons Holocaust denial is bad that is not acceptable writing for kids your guyses age we have to make sure that we’re not talking about our own writing in our topic sentences ha now how to write a strong concluding or transition sentence so we’ve got our current topic in the paragraph we’re finishing up so take a look at this little chunk right here it says steal an idea from your current paragraph and an idea from your next paragraph and glue them together with the transition word so if you take a look at my examples down here our current paragraph fact is in purple our transition word is in green and then an idea from our next paragraph is the part in black so here we have Pearl Harbor was a well-planned attack therefore it caused tremendous damage so in the plant in the paragraph I’m finishing I was two talking about how they play into the attack and then the next paragraph I’m gonna talk about what happened during the attack and then it did cost tremendous damage and I’ve stuck a transition board right in the middle here are a couple more examples the conditions at Auschwitz were terrible thus the death toll was large because the Japanese were well-prepared the Battle of Iwo Jima was treacherous and this down here is one of those examples where you could actually have a transition board at the beginning of their sentence as long as you use it correctly so that is how to transition from one paragraph to the next within your paper

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