Video 1.4 — How To Write A Lab Report — Hypothesis

let’s continue with the notes how to write a lab report the focus of this video is going to be on the hypothesis and I will warn you the hypothesis is going to be a little bit different than what you’ve been asked to do with hypothesis when creating them in the past so let’s let’s get to work when you have a hypothesis or when you’re asked to create a hypothesis what’s going to be the biggest difference this year is the approach in which we are going to ask them ask for you to kind of follow when creating it and the approach is the if van and then what is simply referred to as the because if then because we’ll be the purpose of the actual experiment example if you have warm water and you add salt then the salt will melt or let’s go back into the skin if you have warm water and you drop ice into it then the ice will melt because and then you will give your reason so the if van because is not going to be one of the statements that I think you guys are familiar with using is I believe this is going to happen and here’s my reason why so I believe the ice is going to melt because the warm water is going to cause it to melt or we because you’re doing it in a group we believe that the warm water will cause the ice to melt because warm water will do that to ice those are statements and those are those are fine but they can also be taken as you are asking a question rather than simply saying that if this takes place then this is going to happen and here’s the reason why you’re giving it in a factual sense so your goal for any time that you are actually writing this is to provide an answer for the question what the problem is so if you’re asked to you know does ice melt faster water or cold water you’re providing an answer if ice is placed in warm water then the ice will melt and then you give the last piece which is the facts to support it that because so you state your answer as effect you’re not using pronouns things such as I such as we such as our experiment those don’t exist you’re not going to talk in that term you’re not going to write in that sense you’re gonna simply say if this takes place then this is the reason why and this is because you’re going to support it and that’s going to be a key feature mister few Zack and I are going to harp on you guys to provide support support and more support to come up with a reason as to why you believe this is going to happen okay we’re going to be working on this a lot over the course of the next couple weeks and I hope that if you struggle have questions that you you openly asked and share your concerns about writing this because I don’t think you’re going to be the only one I think they’re going to be many others they’re going to struggle at this piece

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