How to Write the UC Prompts: the Ultimate Online Video Course

hey Ethan saw your college essay guy here inviting you to my course how to write the UC application prompts so there are eight prompts and there are some really specific things that the UCS are looking for will address what are those specific things are looking for how can you connect each of these prompts or the ones that you choose because you’re only going to choose for two specific parts of you how do you stand out how do you make sure you’re that all the amazing parts of you are ending up in your application how do you focus on that activities list to make sure it really pops and how do you use that additional info section so we’ll cover all that over the course of six hours you’ll have with me hope you check out the course take a look at this quick preview and I’d love to have you along for the ride in March 2016 the UC prompts changed and some people freaked out and some people like you know some counselors emailed me I’m like what do we do and so I got to thinkin and I thought well this would be a cool opportunity to to you know to find out why they change and to put together some new resources for ways to find your you see your for UC essay topics in about four minutes and I don’t mean that if you’re a student listening to this that you need to find your topic in four minutes I just mean that I’m gonna spend about four minutes talking about these exercises so this is the short version I hold the position that everyone is a genius so how are you a genius and if you look at the handout you’ll see there are seven different there are seven multiple intelligences you know based on Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences and the fun exercise here is to rank yourself you don’t have to have all of these but it’s nice if you have all of them it’s nice if you have an unusual topic if I had to say that one of these things is most important I’d say the thing in the middle unusual connections name the skill and then show me how it’s manifest in your life you know juggling is my skill and I juggle in all these ways and I juggle it you know retirement communities and I delight people but I also juggle things in my life right so juggling takes on a metaphoric significance in this imagined game with yourself imagine that I’m sitting across the table from you and you’re trying to stump me with some of these uncommon connections in terms of finding your topics I think for your you see activities your your you see essays your activities list is gonna be a great source and that may be kind of obvious but I just wanted to underscore it I wish we were in dialogue here and I could say well how do you know if it’s a no if it’s a great topic maybe we can discuss that more in the Q&A but here’s how I feel a great leader sees where needs our so where have you seen where a need is that feels like a little gem a stand out you see si like the one we just read he has an unusual topic like the sont or unusual connections this on tor has taught me all the things that I just mentioned social change connection to my family heritage and it has unusual language which I’ll call craft so from my money and here’s the takeaway here I think the main difference between the common app and you si si s is that students are going to want to value information over poetry

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