How to write a thesis statement in 4 minutes.

the thesis statement is the most important sentence in your entire paper thesis statement is going to tell the reader what you’re planning on doing how you’re planning on doing it and the examples you’re going to show throughout your paper it can give the organization and also the purpose of your paper and the thesis statement can be split up into three parts to make sure that you adequately cover those three bases and what we’ll do in this video is show you a template that you can use for many different kinds of papers as a starting point for your thesis statement the first part of the sentence should be the answer to your question if your teacher asks you to write a paper on what the best ice cream flavor is here you’re right vanilla is the best ice cream fast ice cream your answer is always something that you can argue the key to writing a good paper is going to be to be able to argue your paper against someone else it’s going to make your reasons richer and the depth of your analysis much better so make sure that you can always argue for or against and if it’s wrong that’s okay because that’s why you’re writing the whole rest of the paper so that you can prove your point the second part of the thesis is going to be your why why do you believe that vanilla is the best ice cream here you can write something like credit because it is cool and crisp this Y is going to give you your best analysis it’s going to create a deep analysis that’s going to make it possible for you to write a good paper if you just have this part and you just say the vanilla is the best ice cream your teachers can ask why do you believe that and this is going to cover that the third part of the thesis is going to be your examples your examples could be something like your page numbers your scenes in a book here would be like vanilla sundaes so here’s your thesis right now vanilla is the best ice cream because it is cool and crisp which is illustrated in vanilla sundaes now your teacher is going to oftentimes ask you to do a three pronged approach you can get your three prongs here for your first for your second third and fourth paragraph you can also get them from here where you can write your second and third and fourth paragraph maybe you want to write vanilla is the best ice cream because it’s cool crisp and healthy and then you could have cool crisp and healthy and show how vanilla sundaes are cool and crisp our cool crisp and healthy you could also get your examples here with maybe vanilla sundaes vanilla milkshakes and vanilla yogurt or something like that and you’ll be able to cut your paper up and create a good organizational structure which is going to lead you to a better paper there’s two more videos about thesis statements one’s going to show some examples using real world essay topics and the second won’t be created so that you are able to practice on your own you

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