How to Choose The BEST Masters Thesis Topic

hey everybody Joel Hanson here anybody education education on anybody in knowledge and so today we’re going to cover a very important question which I think needs to be asked well ahead right when the time you’re considering you’re doing a masters is what are you going to do your thesis or research project actually on so this is only really relevant if you are doing a thesis based masters of some sort or looking to do a thesis based masters but essentially what is important you need to figure out is two things what are your interests and the time commitment or how much time you want to put into it if you just want to get in and get out do your masters where the thesis as quick as possible you really need to be very selective and careful on what your project is and what faculty and/or University you’re doing it at I’ll use an example so at my university I’m in my masters the University of Guelph different faculties have different requirements for masters so I myself I had to do three or four required courses I then have to you know pick my project and do my thesis and complete it I have friends in for example the engineering department and he was actually able to bypass his classes he was able to get his teacher to sign off and say he doesn’t have to do that one or two required courses and again this is really only pertinent and applicable in certain faculties and with certain professors so I I could not do that and there is no way around it but yet this individual was able to and as you can guess he was looking to fast-track his master’s and he really did so then the next thing to consider is the project if you want to get in and out be as quick as possible do not have to perform your own your own project to collect or create primary data do not involve humans if you are gonna involve or create your own project so my thesis is going to take a lot longer because I am involving a human sample and I’m conducting the research myself again my friend that I talked about he did a like computer based program applied masters so he literally just had to basically create a working program he was done so how you know and he did his master’s in just over a year mine’s gonna be a year and three-quarters the other quick way to fast-track your master’s again if you are gonna deal with humans is work on some data it’s already been collected you know certain professors have massive data that they’ve been working on it they’ve already collected you know let’s say an example it could be well the Guelph family health study this is a study done on hundreds of families they’ve collected a wealth of data and you can do projects analyzing specific pieces of it another thing though there the downside of this is it probably won’t be quite to your interest as much as if you’re able to do your own project like I am however that being said you could find something I’m sure relevant slightly applicable slightly of interest and again really coming down to why do you wanna do your masters so if you just want to get in and get out quick things make sure you talk to your faculty you talk to your professor see if you can skip classes get exemptions perhaps from previous experience or just do time sake make sure you pick an appropriate project that is either not involving humans or already on pre collected data and you will be able to do your masters in no time at that I hope you enjoy till next time

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